Retroactive Northeast Presents
The New England Shake-Up!

The Year 6 lineup! (In No particular order!)

Read about Red Hot 'n' Blue here (the whole story is important and interesting!)...

Check out "Jumpin' Around."
Check out "Hi-Fi Baby."

Traveling from the Netherlands with their mix of "hillbilly harmonies, rockabilly, and early country," they'll be sure to keep you on the dance floor. Don't miss this rare chance to catch them with special guest Big Sandy! What a treat!
Miss Mary Ann and the Ragtime Wranglers on Facebook
Big Sandy on Facebook
Check out "Don't Lie To Me."

“Whitfield is a performer so consumed with satisfying his audiences that he has been called ‘crazed, frenetic and completely unhinged.” With 75 festival appearances, sharing the headlines with Tina Turner, Buddy Guy, and many others

‘There are rumors that I have bit into aluminum cans, swallowed play lists, and squirmed on the stage like a squirrel on steroids, all of which are true. My vocals are marvelously matched with Rockabilly,R&B, good old Rock ‘N Roll, Soul, and Funk. My dedication and respect for the craft also makes me a consummate professional." -Barrence
Barrence Whitfield on Facebook
Check out Barrence belting out "Bloody Mary" and "Black Jack."

"Friends, there are a lotta folks appropriating the "Hillbilly" handle these days, but where the Doel Brthers are concerned, that's the way they walk. Cousin, this is stripped down and jumped up, country style rockin' thats sure to please. It doesn't matter which side of the planet you hang your hat - you either get this kind of music or you don't... and the rompin, stompin, 'swingin' singin' Doel Brothers get it right every time!" - Dave Stuckey
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Check out "Futile Blues."
Check Out "Tell Me You're Mine."

The Modern Don Juans are four long time true Rock and Roll lovers who have been in some of the most prominent rockabilly bands on the scene. Living in Austin, Texas, this Lone Star concoction of Rockabilly, Rock and Roll, Blues, Country and all that is rockin' includes Tony Estrada (Star Mountain Dreamers), Bobby Trimble (Big Sandy & his Fly Rite Boys), Tjarko Jeen (Ronnie Dawson), Todd Wulfmeyer (Marti Brom & her Jet Tone Boys).
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Check out "Young Man's Game"
Check out "Jump Shake and Move."

Authentic Western Swing and Hot String Music from our pal Dave Stuckey! Don't miss their swingin' set this year at the Shake-Up!
Check out a tune here!

A new rock 'n' roll group from Austin, Texas. See Colton Turner and his band for the first time on the east coast at the New England Shake-Up!
Check out "Truly."
Check out Colton covering "Kathleen."

"Bailey Dee is Chicago's lead Rock N’ Souler - Bailey Dee found the rock and roll handbook and reads it right! Reminding many of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, with the sweetness of Lorrie Collins, and the ferocity of a young Etta James."

Miss Amy is a founding member of New Englands premiere Roots/Rockabilly/Rock'n'Roll act the Raging Teens. Most recently she has been seen laying down guitar work with everyone's favorite Boston Rocker, Jittery Jack.

At this year's New England Shake-Up, they join musical forces for a full set of pure rockin' energy!  
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Check out Bailey Dee singing "I Ain't Drunk."
Check out Amy Griffin playing "Apache."

"Leaving a trail of busted instruments, and stained pillows in their wake, Toronto's Greasemarks play rockabilly loud, nasty, & right.. They just joined to Wild Records, & it's about to get even weirder."

The Greasemarks on Facebook
Check out "Come on Little Mama."

Inspired by the swamp-soaked sounds of Gulf Coast honky-tonk, hillbilly blues and rock 'n' roll, Michael Hurtt formed the Haunted Hearts in New Orleans in 2004. They cut their first LP, Come Back To Louisiana, live to two-track in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Re-igniting in Detroit after the storm, the band began perfecting their moody, minor-keyed “Lonesome Sound” — which has since become their calling card — which is captured on their latest releases, Searching For Shadows and Struck With The Blues.
Check out "Breaking Hearts."
Check out "I Wonder If You Wonder."
Check out "Rambler's Blues."

Jittery Jack brings his East Coast bang to the world of Rockabilly and 50's inspired Rock 'n' Roll. He has headlined at the Viva Las Vegas festival numerous times, and has toured internationally headlining many festivals including UK's the Rockabilly Rave and Australia's Camperdown Cruise. Jack has also recorded for both Wild Records in Hollywood, CA and Rhythm Bomb Records in Germany who released his 2014 full length, "Gonna Have A Time." A music video for the song "Something Wicked This Way Comes" is available to accompany the 45 release of said song.
in 2016 he collaborated with Rockabilly guitar legend, Darrel Higham to record a full length in the UK... "Darrel Higham meets Jittery Jack".
Jittery Jack on Facebook
Check out "Something Wicked This Way Comes."
Check out "I Can't Dance."

Guitarist Chris Casello is one the most dynamic and entertaining guitarist in the world of roots music today. Casello takes his influences from Les Paul and Chet Atkins to Chuck Berry and Link Wray, multitasking guitar, steel and vocals in a high energy swinging rockabilly blues explosion.
Originally from the Detroit area, Chris has worked with dozens of artists and toured the world, specializing in roots styles from swing, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, and country.

"Sangin" from her heart and soul is what classic soul and vintage R&B singing Miss Tammi Savoy loves to do. Born and raised in St. Paul Minnesota, she now calls Chicago, Illinois home. Although she has been singing since the age of 3 in her church choir, Miss Tammi Savoy is quickly rising and making her mark in the music industry.
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Check out Miss Tammi Savoy covering "My Guy."
Check out Miss Tammi Savoy covering "Jim Dandy," with Chris Casello on guitar.

The super secret, brand new band from Shorty Poole. He hasn't yet divulged exactly what this new band is all about, but you can be sure it's gonna be great!

"Three Blue Teardrops formed in the fall of 1991. A three piece trio of drums, upright bass and guitar, the band writes and performs original songs that combine elements of 1970’s punk, gut bucket blues, jungle swing, gospel, garage rock, hillbilly jazz and country harmony to the 1950’s style raw rockabilly sounds of our Rock-N-Roll forefathers."
Three Blue Teardrops on Facebook
Check out "Long Hard Night " and "Switchblade Pompadour."

"From the esteemed Norton Records label comes one of the wildest and most exciting groups of the current roots and blues revolution. Daddy Long Legs-named for its harp-blowing, blues-bellowing frontman, is a blues hollerer who blurs any definition by age or color. He growls, barks, yelps, and wails without sounding like an imitation of anyone or anything. This is simply pull-the-cord-and-let-the-snot-fly blues.

His partners in crime are cut from the same sweat-and-whiskey-soaked cloth. Guitarist Murat Akturk cranks out everything from powerhouse country blues rhythms to slinky-assed multi-stringed slide riffs that bump and grind up against Daddy Long Legs’ harp. Drummer/percussionist Josh Styles keeps it simple and right on, sometimes locking in with his bandmates for a triple-punch deep-as-Hell-itself groove; other times head-down and leading the charge himself, slamming shovelfuls of coal into the beast."
Daddy Long Legs on Facebook
Check out "Motorcycle Madness."
Check out "Evil Eye."

Closing out Sunday evening, Sean Mencher will be ringleader for our Jamboree... surprises are in store, for sure!

Performing live on Saturday
at the New England Shake-Up Car Show...

The Sabres are an American instrumental rock 'n' roll combo recreating the savage guitar sounds that ruled the world in the 50s and 60s.

Born in Brussels, Crystal grew up in a home filled with Country music, Soul, Doo Wop, Rock'n'Roll and of course Rockabilly. At the age of 16 she first set foot on stage, singing with Belgian Rockabilly band Runnin' Wild.

At the Shake-Up this year, the Sabres will be doing a full set, and then a second set backing Crystal Dawn.
The Sabres on Facebook
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The Sabres on YouTube
Check out Crystal covering "I Guess It Doesn't Matter Any More."

Surfy, rockin' goodness out of Toronto Canada!
The Surfrajettes on Facebook
Check out the song "Cha Cha Heels"

In the spring of 2014, five friends got together in a grimy practice space in Boston to see what would happen. They all had long, diverse rock and roll pedigrees and their record collections were no different. They had no idea what they would do, only what they didn't want to do— anything they had already done before.
The sound that developed was not rockabilly. It was not punk rock. It wasn't garage, soul, gothic southern swamp darkness, or straight mid-century American rock and roll…it was all those things. It was the echo of the record collections, the artists, and the aesthetics that they loved.
Diablogato on Facebook
Check out "In Your Sights."

Performing live on Sunday
at the New England Shake-Up Pool Party...

Back by popular demand! Surf music from your favorite land locked surf nuts out in Austin Texas! They'll be swinging back to the Pool Party with another batch of the surfiest beats around!
The Thunderchiefs on Facebook

Check out a tune here! (from the last time they played our Pool Party!)

Shorty Poole, from the West Coast band The Hula Girls, has put together an exclusive band, just for the Shake-Up Pool Party. They'll be playing classic Hawaiian steel guitar tunes, as well as a few rare gems!
Check out a tune here!